Peer Out to See

The air inside the Crystal Palace is held stiller and quieter than the air outside, though it does remain fluid with air outside and with air and birds moving through the chinks between the panes of glass.

This slowed down body of air filled with changing light as the earth rotates is at the center of the work Peer Out to See. The slowed down pace of event inside provokes notice of the body’s eventfulness, and questions about time hover.

The Pier built into the Crystal Palace mirrors the structure that might be built out into the lake facing the Palace. This slippage in time/fantasy lodges itself in-between the particles of pigment, colored ash, light, and molecules of air and plastic. The resulting vibration surrounds the viewer on the pier held, together with the air, by the planes of glass in time slowed down. The star pond growing duckweed slowly unfolds in still communion with the other planes of color, all seen against the gray expanse of the floor – flat and facing the heavens.

The whole energy of the Crystal Palace sweeps upwards. There is an invisible windless wind sweeping at the feet as it blows towards the sky. The colors of Peer Out to See are weighted, and heavy on the ground, moving upwards to the paler combined whiteness of the full spectrum of light caught and bounced around by the panes of glass describing the arches of the ceiling.


  • An orange circle described with orange pigment lying loose on the floor.
  • The description of the circle is completed with charring of the wood of the pier.
  • Star shaped pond growing bright green duckweed.
  • Column of random plastic parts wired together. Brightly colored at the bottom moving to pastel and transparent as it moves upward.
  • Fans suspended moving air towards the entering spectator.